Carolinas MA Challenge 

TEAM CAROLINAS MA Challenge for September 14th, 2024

Jason Pelland Local Seminar                                                                            

 Challenge Dates: Monday, May 13th- Sunday, September 8th 2024

The purpose of the Local Challenge is to keep UnFranchise® Owners on track to accomplish the tasks and activities necessary to build a successful UnFranchise Business. The challenges push us out of our comfort zone and bring back the focus on the Basic 5. It is important to remember that purposeful and consistent actions are what bring us closer to our goals and achieving our dreams. This challenge documentation MUST be completed by 11:59 pm on Sunday,  September 8th, 2024 by online form submission listed below. Please choose the correct submission form, Challenge A vs Challenge B. If you have any questions email Rhonda Huthmacher, Challenge Coordinator at

* If you are a new UFO during the Challenge period, we will look at the BV generated during your time in the business on a case-by-case basis.

Challenge A

Please fill out the form listed below if you have completed Challenge A

  1. BUY ONE, REACH ONE, BRING ONE: Purchase (3) tickets for the May 18th local seminar, one for you, and two for your guests.                                                                             
  2. QUALIFY: for the Master UFO Program for the 2nd and 3rd quarters (April – June and July - September of 2024) 
  3. HOST: 3 home events yourself or co-host a home event with a new partner and post pictures on the SE Regional Facebook group page. (Wellness, Motives, HBP, TLS, ….) List the date, location, host(s) and type of event.  Post your event(s) on the calendar by completing the EVENT SUBMISSION form
  4. POST: a screenshot of your MUFO requirements in the CAROLINAS MA FACEBOOK GROUP and the MASOUTHEAST REGION FACEBOOK GROUP, your 3 ticket numbers and your home event info and you have achieved the Challenge. Congratulations!!

Please provide your order number for your 3 tickets


Post a Screenshot of your MUFO requirements and your 3 tickets to the Carolinas MA Facebook Page. and the MASOUTHEAST REGION FACEBOOK GROUP

if you do not meet MUFO requirements for the 1st quarter then complete Challenge B

  1. BUY ONE, REACH ONE, BRING ONE: Purchase (3) tickets for the September 14th local seminar, one for you and two for your guests.
  2. SPONSOR: Personally sponsor one (1) qualified UnFranchise Owner during the challenge period. New partner must complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment.   Name of personally sponsored OR Work the ABC Pattern with your team and help a team member sponsor a new partner. All parties must complete the Shopping Annuity Assessment. 
  3. RETAIL: Generate 2000 BV of MA Exclusive products/services by hosting events 
  4. TRIAL SIZE MARKETING and CUSTOMERS:  a) Send out or give out at least 12 Trial Size packs to 12 new possibilities. Leverage the UnFranchiseMarketing App to accomplish this item.
  5. SHOW THE BUSINESS PLAN:  Expose the Market America UnFranchise Business plan to (12) personal prospects during the Challenge Period at a 1-on-1, 2-on-1, Zoom, UBP or Home Business Presentation (HBP). List the names of the 12 people OR expose the business plan to (16) team prospects. 
    Attending the area events are one of the key elements to building your Unfranchise Business. Attend an NUOT and Basic 5 during the Challenge period.

  7. MISSION GROW: Show us your team growth and how much fun you are having! Post pictures of your events to MASOUTHEAST REGION FACEBOOK GROUP page as well as the CAROLINAS MA Facebook group page.

Also post your events on the calendar by completing the EVENT SUBMISSION form


Please provide your order number for your 3 tickets

Provide Name of your New Team Member or Your Personally Sponsored

List the Total BV generated

List Names of 5 people you gave Trial Size Packets to, and the 4 new BV purchasing customers

List the name of the 4 personal prospects you showed the plan to or the 8 new team prospects


Did you post pictures of your events on the CAROLINAS MA FACEBOOK GROUP and the MASOUTHEAST REGION FACEBOOK GROUP